Customized Voucher for Enhanced Brand Loyalty
Vehicle Service PASS™

Vehicle Service PASS is an efficient marketing tool that creates multiple channels for customer and brand interactions to bring customer inflow. This customized voucher delivers premium customer experience to increase brand loyalty, ultimately maximizing customer engagement and repurchase.

Provides optimized content and possibilities
for each business areas.
By understanding customer behavior and requirements through data analysis, the solution provides maximized efficiency and target marketing.
This improves customer loyalty and creates a point of conversion to repurchase.
New Promotion Delivering More Than Simple Discounts.
VSP Promotion.
  • Reduce costs by replacing cash
    discounts at new vehicle purchase.
  • Additional sales from owned products.
  • Secure sales lead.
  • Efficient test drive operation.
  • Customers minimize depreciation of used vehicles.
  • Enhance customer experience through customized
    promotion and messages.
Journey to Sales Lead.
Establish meaningful and continuous 1:1 relation with potential and purchase customers, supporting all the process in purchase to successfully complete goal.
  • Target marketing
    Classification of coupon issuance targets through CRM linkage.

    Customized promotion and messages.

    Convenient content and lead management.

    Providing customized digital experience for customers.
  • Dynamic Dashboard
    Query customer history management with CRM Integrated Management. (VIN No. or Customer ID)

    Build statistical database enabling strategy development.

    Data collection on customer-specific lifestyle analysis based on preferred model and customer visit location analysis.
Customized voucher
Long term
Test-drive Coupon.
  • Maximum experience through long-term test drive.
  • Optimal vehicles for each occasions including
    travel, business trip.
  • Reserve preferred model and schedule.
  • Receive and return vehicle at requested location.
  • Increase repurchase by providing vouchers to
    purchasing customers.
Enhanced Traffic through Connected Service.
Maximizing Possibilities
Increase on/offline traffic and customer conversion.
In-house product sales promotion.
Coupon service sync and management with PASS.
From Coupon to Actual Purchase
Lead to warranty extension product purchase through after-sales
service coupon and to paid track experience voucher,
driving academy courses through long term test drive experience.